Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who is your Director?

Regan: “See Mom, I can have a role in the chorus, and be perfectly happy, or I can have the starring role, and be perfectly happy”
Me: “Well, it depends on who the Director is”.

See, as a performer, there are certain Directors she will have nothing to do with. They have bad reputations, they are disorganized, and they are often a little too proud of their achievements. Then, there are those that are a joy to perform for. When one of those are Directing, she could care less what the part is like.

That’s how our life should be. We have the greatest Director of all, and that is Father God. Sometimes He gives us a role in the chorus, and sometimes we get a starring role, and sometimes, we don’t get a role at all, but He is always Directing. Regan likes the “good” Directors, because she knows them, and she trusts them. How much more should we be trusting a loving Father with the role of our lives?

It’s like Shakespeare said “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players:” We all have a “Director” of our lives. I choose the good one.

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